Interactive Screens That Make Children Happy and Healthy

by Paul Flanigan

Here’s an example of everything that can be awesome with interactive digital signage engagement.

Chris O’Shea has created “Woodland Wiggle,” an interactive experience at The Royal London Hospital. A permanent installation, it encourages children to interact, which helps them “benefit from the healing powers of art and play.”

I often talk about strategy, having the right plan in place to ensure that the execution is awesome. From O’Shea:

Working in close consultation with clinical teams at the hospital, and following a series of workshops with physiotherapists and occupational therapists, I was able to determine a range of movements that would give children the best health benefits which strongly influenced the format and design of the games created.

The installation had to work with a wide range of abilities, from wheelchair users, visually impaired, to bed bound children, so simple movement filtering allows for triggering of music & paint with just a wave of the hands.

Yep. I’d say that’s about as complete an understanding of the strategy as you can get.

Check out Chris’s other work here.

Found at DigitalBuzz.

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