This is very cool (or hot? pick your pun):

But I have one suggestion: Instead of showing me what I should be wearing now, show me what I might need for later today or tonight.

I love that they took the most timely and relevant thing everyone looks for (the weather) and built a real-time advertising model out of it. With a forecast, they could double their advertising. And, if I was near a shop, I may just stop in a buy that umbrella I forgot because it wasn’t raining this morning.

Either way, this is pretty slick. (Ba dum dum.)

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Remember this stuff from Iron Man?


Welp, watch Tesla’s Elon Musk show you why he’s become Iron Man.

This is fascinating on so many levels. It wasn’t too long ago that gesture technology became this nifty, but rather unreachable, technology that all kinds of verticals could envision. I think it was part cost and part application that kept this from going mainstream. But with technology like Leap MotionSiemens NX, and Oculus Rift (which Musk uses), the cost is continuing to drop, and the applications are starting to emerge.

Think about how this might work in retail.

We are starting to see things like this in health care. Imagine combining Steam’s Surgeon Simulator with the Cybram 001 Simulator.

The rise of gesture based technology continues to grow for the very reason Musk states:

Right now we act with computers in a very unnatural sort of 2D way…It doesn’t feel natural. It doesn’t feel normal, the way you should do things.

While I totally agree, the biggest challenge here is convincing millions of people who have, over the course of what is now a generation or two, developed native interactive behaviors (i.e. using and keyboard, mouse, or touch).

Move over, Minority Report, there’s a new movie (or three, to be exact) to reference for all things digitally interactive.

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Why You Should Attend the Digital Screenmedia Association Symposium

August 20, 2013

Full disclosure: I’m the Executive Vice President of Marketing for the Digital Screenmedia Association. Second full disclosure: I attended the DSA Symposium in Dallas in May. Okay, now that we have that out of the way, I thought I would share with you why you should go to the DSA Symposium in Chicago on September […]

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Interacting with a Flexible Screen

April 15, 2013

We continue to see people push the boundaries of integrating the digital and physical world. Here’s another example, and very cool. The screen is a flexible silicone surface with projection that responds to touch and depth. I wonder if they could make the silicone transparent in any way so that the projection comes from beneath, […]

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Retail Interactive Projection At Your Fingertips

April 3, 2013

One of the more interesting things that I saw at the Digital Signage Expo a few weeks ago was Perch Interactive. (You can see a ton of Perch’s stuff on their Showcase page.) While not terribly innovative, as interactive gesture projection technology has been around for some time, it’s getting better. Now, Fujitsu has taken […]

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Light Any Part of Your Room with a Tablet

April 1, 2013

Very cool technology here. Lighting that is manipulated by drawing light and dark on a tablet. Not quite “digital,” but in the sense of design, controlling this can be a huge benefit to designers looking to get really specific about lighting.

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Turning Bored Into Exciting With Mobile

February 26, 2013

Qualcomm wanted to take waiting at a bus stop to 11. There’s not much “digital” here. But, using mobile, these folks are treated to some exciting moments. Pretty cool. Discovered at

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Interactive Screens That Make Children Happy and Healthy

February 21, 2013

Here’s an example of everything that can be awesome with interactive digital signage engagement. Chris O’Shea has created “Woodland Wiggle,” an interactive experience at The Royal London Hospital. A permanent installation, it encourages children to interact, which helps them “benefit from the healing powers of art and play.” I often talk about strategy, having the […]

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Bringing Digital Signage To Life With Your Mobile Device

February 19, 2013

Using a mobile device, you can bring TV content to life in front of the screen:

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The Tablet with A Lumpy Surface

January 14, 2013

It seems we are seeing a lot more “tactile” screen engagement technology. Or maybe it’s just me. I showed you about the large flexible screen. Now, here’s a tablet with a lumpy surface. As reported by the BBC: When you think about experience technology, and how the real world just keeps getting closer to the […]

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