Digital Signage That Reacts to Product Selection

by Paul Flanigan

Since, like, forever, digital signage next to a product on the shelf has proven valuable to sales lift. But exactly what about the content helps drive that engagement? That’s always the big question.

In the video below, you’ll see that the content reacts to a product selection. The trigger mechanism is simple enough, but the two things that stand out are the relationship of the content to the activity of the customer, and the data gathered on what products are picked up most.

As digital signage moves closer and closer to integration with POS systems throughout retail, this can be yet another huge insight into not only what people are picking up in the store, but how well digital signage is enhancing that experience.

Found at DigInfo.

  • Rachel Matteson

    Amazing invention. This can really help with the sales since people can now easily choose without wondering too much on how it might look. This will also help with the sales since it determines which products are in demand. –

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