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Below you will find my complete professional experience, including companies, publications, presentations, affiliations, and knowledge skillsets.

Paul Flanigan’s Resume

My experience in consumer engagement has taken some unique roads, but along the way I have learned invaluable insight that I would not have acquired cooped up in a cubicle all day. I have been very fortunate to have a career where I have loved everything I have done. Below you’ll find links to case studies, videos, and other materials as examples of my work.

If you would like to see some of my portfolio work, please click here.


I was responsible for making clients happy, and making Pro-Motion money. I did both.

CONSULTANT (2009-2013)

I worked with various companies over three years, helping bring better business models to their organizations. Below are a few of the longer term projects I had:


My role is to help SRD optimize their content strategy through education and outreach, teaching them how to be better for clients. In addition, I also worked with new clients to understand their strategy and execution to ensure their project see the return on the investment they are putting into their network. I did some writing about digital media, including two papers on digital signage in specific verticals: Healthcare and the Supermarket.


Rise Vision is an open-source, HTML standard, API driven web-based digital signage platform. I helped them:

  • Evangelize their platform
  • Build a tribe
  • Drive growth
  • Make people happy

I did those things. I drove the platform’s growth by 17% month over month, averaging about $400,000 in potential revenue for Rise Vision.

BEST BUY (2005-2009)
Director, Brand Communications

  • Directed the digital media network for Best Buy’s entire chain, reaching approximately 100 million impressions per month with overall annual brand value of $5 billion.

This is what $5 billion in pennies looks like compared to a football field.

  • Increased brand recall by 46% in 2007, and 48% in 2009, and increased sales revenue by 45% in 2007, and 43% in 2008.
  • Pioneered Closed Captioning on the High Definition Television Program in Best Buy stores, the first closed-captioned retail network in the world.
  • Responsible for complete restructuring of media network, including field and corporate logistics, for 1,000 stores globally.
  • Collaborated with Insignia (Best Buy’s private label) to create a campaign resulting in 149% increase in sales. (You can download the case study here, and see the content I created here.)
  • Established and cultivated high-level partnerships with several major entertainment networks for exclusive in-store marketing and promotion, including Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, ABC/Walt Disney, NBC/Universal, FOX, Lionsgate, Twentieth Century Fox, THX, Major League Baseball.

Manager, Marketing

  • Managed marketing campaigns over three years resulting in the highest venue attendance of all minor league sports, and higher attendance than several professional sports teams, including Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors, and all NFL teams.
  • Responsible for department budget of four million dollars. Led development of sponsor marketing campaigns within Raley Field for all venue events.
  • Member of a select group of front office members chosen to speak to the community about the River Cats.

Bat: R Throw: R

SAN DIEGO PADRES (1998-2001)
Producer, Fan Experience

  • Game entertainment producer for all Padres games at Qualcomm Stadium.
  • Two-time Emmy Award Nominee (Tony Gwynn, Mr. Padre and A Season of Heroes – The Story of the 1998 National League Champion San Diego Padres).
  • Emmy Award Winner for Best Sports Documentary – A Season of Heroes.
  • I got to watch the Padres play in the 1998 World Series against the New York Yankees = AWESOME.

Prior to 2002:

  • San Diego Chargers (1999-2000). Marketing and event entertainment. Worked during their 2000 1-15 record. Let’s talk about the challenge of fan engagement when the team’s only win came from a field goal.
  • San Diego Gulls (WCHL Minor League Hockey). Event entertainment. Imagine ‘Slap Shot‘ in San Diego. With some epic hockey fights.
  • San Diego State University Aztecs. Managed event entertainment for football and basketball.

I have written dozens of articles for organizations like Digital Signage TodayRetail Customer ExperienceDigital Signage Association, and Digital Signage Expo. Below are a few of the most recent published articles I have written.

From the Farm to the Phone. Understanding the impact of an integrated digital media network in the Supermarket.
The $500+ billion supermarket industry is always looking for better ways to engage the customer. With the millenial demographic now a major customer, the need to integrate the market with a digital network is paramount. (pdf)

Healthcare and Digital Media: Bringing the Patient, the Staff, and the Hospital together.
A robust and integrated digital media network is ideal for healthcare, where instant access to information in various formats is ideal and often critical. This paper examines the potential for a network and provides examples of best practices. (pdf)

Note: This paper also made it to Heathcare Technology Online, and was the cover story on Signage Solutions Magazine.

1o.3.11 B2C to B2Me: MediaTile launching HumanKiosk (Video). Cited.

10.10.11 5 Ways to Make Social Media Work for Digital Signage

The Secret Sauce
Signage Solutions Magazine – March/April 2011
With the right ingredients, executing a digital signage strategy is easy. The hard part is knowing the right mix. Only trial and error will tell you.

How Digital Signage Has Changed the Way Retailers Market Their Products
Signage Solutions Magazine – November 2010
Digital signage in the retail environment has grown from a “bright shiny object” to a vital customer engagement mechanism, and retailers are getting better at it every day.

Easier Said Than Done
Signage Solutions Magazine – October 2010
You don’t just need a strategy. You need strategies. Plural. Understanding the implications of strategies will help you make the most of your network execution.

Why Quality Content Is So Important
Screen Media Daily – September 2010
Good visual content has the ability to engage a viewer. Bad content can turn away a viewer just as fast.

Build Brand, Not Sales
Digital Signage Weekly Magazine – February 2010
Content can serve many purposes. In a branded environment, it must support the brand. Understanding the customer, the content, and the execution is key to creating an engaging and branded experience.

Unleashing the Power of Digital Signage for the 5th Screen
Keith Kelsen – Focal Press 2010
In Keith’s book, I am interviewed for my insight into the impact of effective content strategies for digital signage across several media. You can find the book and purchase it here on Amazon.


I often give presentations around the country about consumer engagement through digital media. Below are some of my recent presentations with links where available.

The Keys to Consumer Engagement
South Dakota Ad Federation – November 2010
I talk about the different channels a consumer may use to connect with a brand, and best practices that brands can use to better engage with consumers. You can find my slideshare presentation here, or two videos from the presentation here.

The Digital Experience: Creating a Unique Path to Engagement through Multiple Channels
Viscom – Frankfurt, Germany, November 2010
I talk about how to build a path to engagement for customers using multiple channels. You can see a clip of my talk here.

Consumer Trends and the Influence of Interactive Retail
iQmetrix Summit – October 2010
I talk about how to create an impression in four seconds, influences on purchasing, and the new model of retail with digital media.

In-Store Media and its Role in the Customer Experience
Retail Customer Experience Summit – August 2010
I talk about the impact digital media can have on a customer’s interaction with a retail environment, and the benefits of compelling media.


I have experience in almost every aspect of business management, including all the buzzwords: Strategy, marketing, planning, analytics, ROI, proposition, verticals, negotiation. I have had experience with several acronyms as well, including RFI, RFP, SWOT, CPM, P/L, ROI, and ROO, among others. I have training in Lean Six Sigma, a methodology for improving quality while removing variability. (Think less is more.) I am also trained in copywriting and technical writing.


I dabble. A lot. It’s fun to try new stuff and see how it can fit into my work and life. I have experience in several media platforms, including video editing (Final Cut Pro), website platforms (Dreamweaver, Flash, etc.), and online platforms (Technorati, Twitter, Facebook, etc).

You can download a hard copy of my resume here.

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