About Paul

I can write with both hands.

I have been using the same alarm clock since junior year in high school (let’s just say that was in the 80s).

I own 275 CDs of old radio shows from the 30s, 40s, and 50s.

My very first job after graduating from college was working at a factory that made roach and ant traps. The poison was mixed with peanut butter. My first task was folding the consumer packaging for the traps. I was “promoted” to watching the ink levels on the lot number printer for the stickers on the back of the traps. My working hours were 4:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. To this day, I will eat peanut butter every chance I get. I never got sick of it. I met some of the most unique people ever while working there.

I have seen “Weird Al Yankovic” in concert. Twice.

In high school, my friend Kevin and I had a bet to see who could memorize the lyrics to Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” faster. I won. I still have them in my head today and will rattle them off without hesitation.

I have no superstitions or natural phobias of any kind.

In college I was in seven theater productions. I was the lead in five of them.

I have kept a journal since 1994.

I will drink any kind of milk: Whole, skim, 1%, 2%. Put a bucket under the udder. Doesn’t matter to me.

I played semi-pro baseball for eight years. In that span, I never missed a single game. Not one.

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